Since its inception in 2012, PERCENT has provided reliable and high quality quantitative and qualitative research. Our work covers a wide scope of social science research pertaining to humanitarian, political, social and economic aspects of Yemeni life.

Our clients are development, humanitarian and human rights organizations, international non-governmental organizations, private business partners, key policymakers, and researchers from Yemen and across the world. Our clients include UN agencies such as UNICEF, World Food Program ( WFP), UNDP, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the National Democratic Institute (NDI), the Pan Arab Research Center (PARC) , International Business & Technical Consultants, Inc. (IBTCI), the Hague Institute for the Internationalization of Law (HiiL), World Values Survey Association (WVSA), the Independent Institute for Administration and Civil Society Studies (IIACSS), Arab World for Research & Development (AWRAD), and the Social Research & Development Center (SRDC). PERCENT supplements its expertise in data collection and analysis, monitoring and assessments with partnerships with national and international subject matter experts, communications professionals, and technical specialists when needed, as would be the case for this project. Combining PERCENT's expertise and experience in complex quantitative and qualitative data collection with experts in specialized fields allows PERCENT to leverage its strengths to expand the scope of services offered. PERCENT has experience employing electronic applications for data collection, which enable us to record all processes, including the sample design, work areas (sample points), substitutions, random selections, photographic evidence, and the use of show cards.

PERCENT's research staff experience dates back to the early days of public opinion research in Yemen in 2006. As a local organization, PERCENT is the closest to Yemeni society, its customs, traditions, characteristics and diversity. PERCENT field teams across all of Yemen are well-trained and culturally-sensitive towards topics which involve confidentiality and security. PERCENT has an excellent ability to communicate with all parties and institutions inside Yemen. Further, PERCENT holds good relations with all governmental entities in Yemen including the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, and the Central Apparatus for Monitoring and Audit.

PERCENT has a strong history in arranging all logistical arrangements for field staff and fieldwork as recently demonstrated in a large scale third party monitoring contract with IBTCI for USAID as well as two perception studies (one for UNICEF and the other one for ICRC) during the ongoing conflict with full geographical coverage that included all Yemeni governorates including Socotra. PERCENT can operate and conduct TPM services successfully in conflict-affected governorates such as Sa'ada, Taiz, Hajjah. Marib, Al-Jawf, and Al-Baydah. PERCENT has a vast network of well-trained male and female interviewers covering all Yemeni governorates, including Socotra. Staffed by field interviewers from local communities, PERCENT is able to fully access all areas of the governorates. PERCENT maintains a strong presence in all governorates particularly those conflict-affected ones. Our field teams are gender-balanced and very aware of the culturally sensitive topics in their governorates and districts.

PERCENT was the first to inaugurate the electronic data collection through its application PERCENTTAB, which we consistently upgrade while seeking the best and most accurate data collection mechanism. The PERCENT team also possesses strong experience in collecting data through face-to-face interviews, and using electronic applications and tablet devices. Moreover, conducting interviews by phone is one of the tools that PERCENT uses to cover the sample when needed. Carefully selected, PERCENT team enjoys relevant experience, including the implementation of surveys on a sample of as many as 10,000 respondents in a limited period. Our services at PERCENT are diverse, and we offer a variety of techniques for implementing quantitative and qualitative research projects, assessments, third party monitoring, sample design, data processing, and the provision of logistic support to clients and partners.